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    Huawei SmartAx OLT MA5683T Typical Configuration, include 1*MA5683T Chassis, 2*SCUN Main Control Board, 1*GICF 2 GE Optical Ports Uplink Board, 2*PRTE DC Power Board, 1*GPBD 8 GPON Port Board.

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• has Huawei MA5683T in stock

• Price include MA5683T Typical Configure: 1*MA5683T+2*SCUN+1*GICF+2*PRTE+1*GPBD

• Huawei MA5683T (China market) equivalent to MA5603T (Oversea market)

• Compact Design, Save space (compare to MA5600T or MA5680T)

• MA5683T Support both GPON, EPON and P2P

• MA5683T Support up to 6 Service Slots

• Support 8-GPON port interface card, GPBD

• Support GPON split ration 1:128

• Support GE/10G uplink

• Support 1588V2

• Support HQoS

• Support SBA and DBA

• Support Transmit Distance 20KM

• Dimensions (Width × Depth × Height): 442mm × 283.2mm × 263.9mm

• Power: DC based (if you only have AC, has Huawei AC-DC inverter)

Huawei MA5683T is a medium-capacity OLT; it can provide GPON, EPON and P2P access. Huawei MA5683T supports 6 service slots; each GPON port supports 1:128 split ration. A typical MA5683T configuration includes one MA5683T Chassis (19 inch), two Main Control Board SCUN, two Power Board PRTE, one uplink board GICF (2 GE Optical with SFP Module), several 8 Port GPON board GPBD (with SFP Module) and software. can provide all of these, apart from that, as a Huawei products specialist, can also provide professional technical support service (at additional charge) for MA5683T. has Huawei MA5683T and its related cards in stock, and can ship to worldwide, normally if use DHL, it will only take 5 business days to reach your country.

MA5683T Specification and datasheet

MA5683T Typical Configuration:

• 1*Huawei MA5683T Chassis

• 2*SCUN Main Control Board

• 1*GICF 2 GE Optical Port Uplink Board

• 1*GPBD 8 Port GPON Board

• 2*PRTE DC Power Board

• If no DC power source, then need a Huawei DC/AC Inverter (Huanetwork can supply)

MA5683T System Performance

• 1.5T bit/s backplane capacity,

• 48G/480G bit/s switch capacity, 20G bit/s slot bandwidth

• Line speed L2/L3 switching

• Static route/RIP/OSPF/MPLS

• TDM private line service with Native TDM or CESoP

• BITS/E1/STM-1/Ethernet Synchronization/IEEE

GPON Line Card

• 8*port per card with pluggable SFP optical module (Class B+ or Class C+, optional)

• 4K GEM ports and 1K T-CONTs per GPON port

• Up to 1:128 splitting ratio

• Bidirectional FEC

• Rogue ONT detection and isolation

Ethernet P2P Line Card

• 48 port per card with CSFP optical module

• Single fiber double direction access, 100Mbit/s or 1000Mbit/s per port

• DHCP Option 82 relay agent and PPPoE relay agent

• Ethernet OAM

• Ethernet synchronization

Dimensions (Width×Depth×Height)

• 442mm×283.2mm×263.9mm

Running Environment

• Ambient working temperature : -25°C to +55°C

Power Supply

• -48 V or -60 V DC powering via redundant power feeds

• Working voltage range : -38.4 V to -72 V

Huawei MA5683T Software, can provide V800R011 or V800R008

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