Huawei switch s5700 SSH configuration

About Huawei switch s5700 SSH configuration

Requirements: PC client can  login  switch to realize remote management  through the SSH.

Step one, to generate the local key pair:

[test]rsa local-key-pair create

The key name will be: Auotnavi-callcenter-01_Host

The range of public key size is (512 ~ 2048).

NOTES: If the key modulus is greater than 512,

It will take a few minutes.

Input the bits in the modulus[default = 512]: 1024

Generating keys…





Step two, configuration of the VTY user interface:


[Auotnavi-callcenter-01]user-interface vty 04

[Auotnavi-callcenter-01-ui-vty0-4]authentication-mode AAA

[Auotnavi-callcenter-01-ui-vty0-4]protocol inbound SSH

Step three, create user SSH and password


#local-user root password simple 123456

#local-user root privilege level 3

#local-user root service-type SSH

Step four: the authentication mode and service mode to configure SSH users

[Quidway] SSH user authentication-type password user name

Or [Quidway] SSH authentication-type default password # if too many users can directly set the default authentication mode

[Quidway] SSH user username service-type {sftp stelnet all} | | # this step is not configured, server refused to start a may occur in shell/command.

Step five: enable SSH service

[Quidway] stelnet server enable

Test client connection:

Huawei s5700 link

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